Who were PhenomGames?

PhenomGames was a British videogame company, founded in 2008 by British entrepreneur Lee Chambers. In 2020, PhenomGames was acquired and merged into a wider group of the acquirer's parent company. On acquisition, Lee Chambers involvement in the business ended, as he pursued his new venture, Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing.


PhenomGames was a videogame distributor that operated across Europe, in markets from Portugal to Poland. Comprising a team of 13 employees working across Europe remotely, they were an early adopter of remote working culture and remote first working.

Lee Chambers PhenomGames Beginnings

PhenomGames: The Journey

PhenomGames started as an idea when Chambers was still at university. Drawing up a business plan, he took it to his mentor, who advised that the plan to launch a digital wholesaling company had potential, and there was ample market opportunity to do so. A lack of experience and financial backing would lead him to embark on a corporate career instead, until the economic crash ignited an opportunity to build a business in a recession.


The company was bootstrapped on the wages Chambers had saved and launched from his bedroom at his parents house in December 2008. By July 2009, PhenomGames had generated 6-figures of revenue, all while Chambers continued to work in local government. The continued growth led to a move to business premises in November 2010, and in 2012 the company registered its first 7-figure year. Due to Chambers frustration with acquiring funding in the United Kingdom, he registered PhenomGames in Ireland, before moving to Luxembourg and back to the UK.

PhenomGames: Legacy

PhenomGames leaves behind a legacy of supporting the smaller players in the industry, and rebelling against the influence of the traditional stalwarts. Chambers has been vocal about the poor working conditions and cultures, that have often impacted the mental health of employees in the sector. While always fiercely independent, Chambers made the decision to stop scaling PhenomGames in 2014, after serious illness caused him to lose the ability to walk.


PhenomGames will be remembered for their renegade attitude, failed Video Game Box subscription venture, desire to avoid the media, industry awards and innovative ideas.


This page will sit as a reminder and thank you to all those that played a part in the successes and failures of PhenomGames and the 11-year journey it embarked on. PhenomGames wouldn't have been what it was without you.. 

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